• Nicolette Weddings offers a sophisticated wedding planning and co-ordination service for spectacular weddings in both Cape Town, South Africa, and New York, USA. Enhanced with years of local and international experience, our network of supplier contacts, built over a lifetime, allows us to negotiate the best possible deal for every aspect of your wedding.

    Whether you are looking for a little help and guidance, or wanting every detail of your wedding taken care of by an experienced international Wedding Planner, with Nicolette Weddings you can rest assured that your special day is in safe hands, and that we will take care of business, allowing you to enjoy every aspect of the romance, and personal style that the build up to the biggest day of your life involves.

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When you first get engaged, wedding planning is a novelty. You buy every magazine and bookmark every blog to help plan your big day. Trying to narrow down who/what is the best fit for your style and, of course, budget can be overwhelming and stressful. A wedding coordinator is that one person who can bring your wedding vision to life and save you time, money and stress.

A Cape Town wedding planner will guide you with everything from design creation, budget management, stationary/invitations, vendor suggestions and bookings to contract negotiation and the all-important coordinating on the day of the wedding. This service is great for couples that want assurance that they are not only hiring reliable vendors, but also that they are getting the most for their budget.

Your New York wedding planner should be on the cutting edge of trends and will introduce you to new styling ideas providing you with a fresh perspective on classic wedding elements. Their recommendations and relationships with florists, photographers and decor specialists are invaluable.

They also have exceptional organisational skills and can arrange everything from payment schedules, appointments and deliveries as well as oversee the detailed arrangements on the day of the wedding. A good coordinator has a wealth of knowledge ultimately giving you peace of mind to really enjoy your engagement and planning process.

Last, but certainly not least, their best interest in giving you and your partner the best day of your lives, on that is a genuine reflection of the two of you so you know that they’ll work with you to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect.

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