Wedding Planner Tips (Part3): Create Your Own Winter Wedding Wonderland

The wedding planner team at Nicolette Weddings suggests that the planning of your winter wedding embraces the romantic season, and need not be restricted by it. Your winter wedding can sparkle with a majestic wonderland theme using a white, grey, and silver template; from the invitations, bridal and retinue outfits, through to décor and flowers. […]

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Wedding Planner’s Road Trip

Every now and then, us wedding planners make some time to venture out of the office. We emerge from our cave, like wedding planner warriors, and brave the sunny world outside, otherwise known as Cape Town. On this particular occasion, the Nicolette Weddings team embarked on a road trip to visit the venue of a […]

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The Nicolette Weddings Cat Food Drive

The Nicolette Weddings Cat Food Drive The Nicolette Weddings team is on a mission, and not just to plan the most beautiful weddings in South Africa, but also to feed the hungry kitties of Cape Town. In the month of November, Nicolette Weddings will be running a cat food drive to collect as much cat […]

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